Ball Weight Scales - Caravan Trailer

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Planning a 4WD Trip, towing your Camper Trailer or Van, then knowing your ball weight before you tow is essential. The Roadsafe Towsafe Caravan and Trailer Ball Weight Scale’ now makes it easy to measure the ball weight of trailers or caravans. Too little or too much weight on your tow ball can have some dangerous implications including excessive trailer sway, poor handling and difficulty braking. Exceeding the vehicles maximum ball weight is both unsafe and illegal. Don’t risk the safety of your self or others, check your ball weight before you hit the road! Made from high quality material, the Towsafe Ball Weight Scales are tested to Australian & ISO International Standards, with a measuring range of 100kg to 350kg (shown in 10kg increments), the scales are inexpensive, easy & quick to use.

• Tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 10012:2004

• Scale Calibration 100kg - 350kg (10kg increments)

• Easy to Read Gauge • Heavy Duty Metal Construction

• Soft Head will not Damage Coupling

• Compact & Easy to Store

• Inexpensive D.I.Y. Product

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