Boss Torch - 3in1

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One rechargeable torch handle with three interchangeable LED heads

Whether you're out on an adventure, or just at home working on the rig, the 3-in-1 Boss Torch has you covered with three interchangeable LED heads to suit almost any situation.

The rechargeable torch handle has tough anodised aluminium housing, a powerful lithium-ion battery, and super handy magnetic base.  The torch handle can be recharged on 240V using the included power adaptor, or via USB using the included cable.

Using a quick push-lock system, the three interchangeable CREE LED heads can be swapped over quickly and easily.  The slimline lamp head has a dual action 270 degree swivel and produces a powerful 350 lumens of light output.  The flexible torch head can be adjusted into virtually any position and features an adjustable beam focus.  The torch head converts the handle into a hand-held torch, which also features an adjustable beam focus.

Specifications torch head flexible torch head slimline lamp head
Light output 250 lumen 180 lumen 350 lumen
Run time 2 hours 5.5 hours 1.5 hours
Charge time   4-4.5 hours  
Water resistance   IP554  

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