CAOS 6" Aluminium Winch Ring

colour: Black
Sale price$98.00


Designed to provide mechanical advantage during winching

The CAOS 6’’ Aluminium Winch Ring is a simple device that can replace heavy and awkward pulleys. It provides mechanical advantage during winching to make recovery easier. You can use it to change the direction of your winch line or slow down winching for improved safety.

Our Winch Ring is built from anodised aluminium for a smooth, slippery surface. This also means it’s strong, durable and lightweight. It’s simple to use and has no moving parts, so wear is minimal. Our 6’’ Aluminium Winch Ring is rated to a working load limit of 14t, making it the ultimate recovery tool.

 Plus, it also comes with a Tested Tough Lifetime Warranty, so you can have peace of mind that it will perform for many trips to come

  • Made from aluminium for a smooth surface
  • Minimal wear and tear (no moving parts)
  • Rated to 14t working load limit
  • Outer diameter of 155mm and inner diameter of 45mm
  • Weighs 1.59kg

Also comes with a Tested Tough Lifetime Warranty.

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