Ezy Anchor Caravan Starter Pack

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Now packed with even more value for Caravaners!

The Caravan Starter Pack is designed for Caravaners for use in the hard red and gravelly dirt of the Outback and also sandy loam soils.

Package Includes:

  • 8 x Ezy Anchors
  • 4 x Coastal pegs at 280mm long
  • 4 x Outback pegs at 200mm long
  • 1 x Torx T50 Driver 
  • 1x Torx T50 Manual removal L key
  • 2 x Caravan Double Guy Ropes with Velcro straps, stainless clips, trace springs, cleats and reflective double braided polyester rope
  • 1 x Ezy Anchor Canvas tent peg bag with zip pocket

These packs have been determined by months of personal use and testing in both types of the areas detailed above and also research throughout Central and Outback Australia.

We thank you for your purchase and wish you many years of happy use of your Ezy Anchors!

**Ezy Anchor supports Australian Business and Jobs**

*We cannot accept responsibility for damage and injuries caused by misuse.

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