Toyota Landcruiser 100 series IFS Diff Drop

Sale price$295.00


When lifting the 100 series IFS LandCruiser, the Contant Velocity (CV) joints are put on an increased angle. This increased angle of the CV joint during operation can accelerate the wear on the joint, as well as putting additional stress on the CV boots leading to splitting and eventually premature failure of the CV. The wear is accelerated further if larger (wider) wheels and tyres are fitted. The Roadsafe IFS Diff Drop Kit is supplied complete with replacement cross member and fitting kit. The bolt on kit corrects the geometry on the front driveshaft and CV's, lowering the diff by approx. 25mm, thus reducing the angles the CV joints need to operate on, and avoiding the expensive replacements of CV's and boots. Ifs Xmember/Diff Drop Kit -Toyota (Lcrdd) Landcruiser 100 Series

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