Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Nissan Navara Np300

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The new heavy duty Roadsafe "BLACKHAWK" range of Upper Control Arms have been designed with ease of fitment & ongoing serviceability in mind, and are a necessity for various IFS models that have been lifted 30mm+. The Roadsafe "BLACKHAWK" arms have been designed to restore camber & caster lost on the IFS vehicles once they have been lifted, by correcting the angle of the ball joint. Without restored camber & caster settings lifted IFS vehicles will eventually show excessive tyre wear and experience ride & steering issues.

With greater radius and tube sizing to suit per application, the designs allow clearance of the coils during articulation, with the outer radius also adjusted to allow for the fitment (in some cases) of 35" tyres without having the issue of the tyres rubbing on the arms during full lock. Manufactured in Heavy Duty 32mm OD (6mm wall thickness) STKM13A Carbon Steel Tube - for optimum strength without putting too much additional weight onboard.

We haven't gone with a complicated ball joint or bushing setup - we have designed the Ball Joint & bushing apertures to take OE spec componentry! That way if you have a ball joint or bushing issue in an out of the way area, where getting spares can be a drama, you can replace your affected part with a standard OE Spec factory or aftermarket unit.

Roadsafe "BLACKHAWK" Upper Arms are designed with 3 degrees fixed caster and optimally suited to lifts of 30-70mm, finished in dual layer coating including black e-coat and Gloss Black Powder Coat for maximum durability, rust prevention and discreet installation.

Features & Benefits - Upper Control Arms:
  • Angled Ball joint Aperture - allows for better articulation of the ball stud.

  • Repositioned Ball Joint Aperture - 3 degrees increased caster.

  • Repositioned Ball Joint Aperture – maintains camber.

  • OE Spec Ball Joint Aperture - takes standard factory or aftermarket ball joint.

  • Revised Radius Bends (Internal) - increased suspension articulation.

  • Revised Radius Bends (External) - allows fitment of larger tyres.

  • OE Spec Bushing Aperture - takes standard factory or aftermarket bushings.

  • Heavy Duty 350mpa 32mm OD Tube (6mm wall) – increased strength over factory arm unit

  • Powder Coat finish - Dual layered coating with a Gloss Black Powdercoat

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