Ezy Anchor Adjustable Chord Clothesline

Color: Pink
Sale price$30.00


Ezy Anchor-Adjustable Chord Clothesline 4mm VB chord attached to two Velcro Straps with D’s and a rope cleat for tightening the line when in position.

Place the terminated Velcro Strap around your awning arm tightly and then continue to the other awning arm and connect the other Velcro strap tightly around it. Take the rope cleat and move it along the line diagonally until tight and release. The rope cleat will automatically clamp itself to the line.

Maintenance: Occasionally wipe the Velcro “D”s with Inox or CRC to prevent surface corrosion. Do not wipe the clothesline itself to prevent marking clothes.


Colours available are:

  • White
  • Pink

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