Mean Mother 4x4 Tyre Deflators x 4

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Air Down Multiple Tyres Simultaneously - Easily deflate each tyre from 40-18psi in approx 2 1⁄2 mins (265/70/17)

The Mean Mother 4x4 Tyre Deflators are a must have product for reducing multiple tyres pressures fast for going off-road - this increases the tyre footprint, which greatly improves your traction and reduces the chance of getting bogged in soft, muddy, or sandy conditions.

  • Accurately adjust deflators by dialling the inner gauge to the desire pressure shown between 10-30psi
  • Time saving. Precise, Set and forget design
  • Save your knees with no kneeling down and waiting for each tyres to deflate
  • Simple design - Easy to pull apart and clean
  • High-vis coating so easy to find if dropped
  • Stainless steel components
  • Includes a conveniently integrated schrader thread to secure vavle cap during deflation. FIRST DEFLATOR WITH THIS INNOVATION
  • Deflators include Bonus spare valve caps (in case you lose one)
  • Easy Twist hexagonal body design
  • Storage pouch/bag
  • Registered Design 202118097

    A reduced tyre pressure also allows your tyres to absorb rougher terrain as the tyre rolls over an obstacle, for example a rock or tree branch. This absorption assists in maintaining momentum of your 4WD.


    • Never exceed vehicle manufacturer’s maximum recommended tyre pressure; the vehicle recommended tyre pressure placard is usually located in glove box, driver’s pillar, or under front of bonnet.
    • Tyre pressure should be checked weekly to avoid unnecessary wear.
    • Driving with reduced tyre pressure will greatly affect vehicle handling.
    • Checking tyres after driving may cause an inaccurate reading; always wait until tyres have cooled.
    • Always remember to restore your tyre pressure to recommended

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