Roadsafe 4wd Rear Tow Hitch Alloy

Colour: RTH002 Red
Sale price$88.00


Due to popular demand we have expanded the range to include BLUE & GOLD too. So now, It's just cooler because it's red, blue or gold! Now available are red, blue & gold 50mm recovery hitches in aluminum with WLL 5000 kgs. All Roadsafe 4WD tow points & hitch designs are destruction tested during development to ensure they are rated at a level they can withstand. The new alloy hitch destruction testeing was halted at 16 tonne due to test equipment limitations, with no signs of deformation with the hitch at this force. If there’s another colour you want us to consider - let us know! if demand is there we will certainly add it to the range.

Roadsafe offer a Heavy Duty Rear Recovery Tow Hitch featuring Twin Mounting Holes for either vertical or horizontal mounting depending on recovery angle. Destruction tested to WLL5000kgs, and designed to suit a HEAVY DUTY tow bar with 50x50mm (AS4177.1) tow hitch (please ensure towing system is rated and designed for this application). The Recovery Hitch itself is rated to WLL5000kgs, and is recommended for use with a 4750kgs Bow Shackle. RTH001 are a solid steel, black e-coating. RTH002-4 are alloy standard length in various colours. RTH005-7 are extended length to suit for ‘deep’ hitch receivers, also alloy & various colours.

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