Toyota Land Cruiser 76 78 79 Series SuperPro Greasable Shackle and Bushing Kit

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SuperPro Greasable Shackle and Bushing Kit

Contains Greasable Shackles and Fixed Pins with all SuperPro Bushings

The Shackles and Fixed Pins are often overlooked when upgrading the suspension of a 4WD.
Original shackles and fixed pins corrode and destroy the bushings and it is the leaf spring bushings that stabilise the movement of the rear axle.
Worn or inferior bushes in this area will cause the solid rear axle to move and impart rear end passive steer to the vehicle leading to the vehicle 'wandering' all over the road and be unstable under heavy braking.
This can be especially noticeable carrying a load or towing a boat or caravan.
By fitting the complete package of Greasable Shackles, Fixed Pins and Bush Kit the rear end of any 4WD will handle just about anything that is throw at it!

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